Goodbye 2014, Welcome 2015!

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Happy New Year everyone! First off I want to say thanks for all of the support from everyone this 2014. I got to travel to a lot of cool places around the world and still managed to barely squeeze in Supernova Elite this year! It’s been a long journey and I’m happy to continue this journey going into 2015.

New Years Resolutions? I think it’s always tough to keep up new years resolutions but it never hurts to set some and try my best to accomplish them. Improvement is always a good thing as long as you try in my opinion.

1. I want to be healthier! I think health is one of those things I kind of neglect and it’s probably best for me to start taking it a little more seriously! I want to start adding exercise into my life. It doesn’t mean I’m going to be the next Bruce Lee or American Ninja Warrior but it does mean taking some steps to include some more activity in my life. As a poker player, often times I end up just sitting on my laptop playing poker and browsing the internet in between. Exercise or just being healthy in general often gets pushed to the back of my mind. I think possibly introducing a short exercise routine before each session may be a good start for me.

2. I want to update the blog consistently! I do enjoy making fun videos and sharing them with you guys. I didn’t make as many videos the past year and it’s something I want to change. I think with the launch of the blog, it’ll get me in the groove of getting back into sharing my content with you guys. Whether it’s fun videos or some of my photography I get to take while traveling the world, I want to share it. That brings me to…

3. Less procrastination, more doing! I easily fall into a little a rut where when I take a small break, it turns into a bigger break, and so on and so on. I’m sure we all do this from time to time and well I say we just take that step forward and try to procrastinate a little bit less. It’s probably not going to go away over night but we can certainly try! Doesn’t matter whether it’s adding another session of poker or actually getting a couple of errands done instead of pushing it back. Just try and do it! That certainly means for me, to not wait till the last month of the year to earn 271,944 VPPs to get Supernova Elite!

What are your New Years resolutions going into 2015? I’d like to read them!